#100: Tim Egen (Canadian Gas Association) - How Natural Gas Can Fight Inflation, Reduce C02 Emissions & Increase Canadian Tax Revenues



This episode, we are joined by Tim Egen – President of the Canadian Gas Association.

Founded in 1907, The Canadian Gas Association (CGA) is the voice of Canada’s natural gas industry. Members include distribution companies, transmission companies, equipment manufacturers and other service providers.  

Natural gas has a central place in Canada’s energy mix, supplying 38 percent of the country’s energy needs while two-thirds of Canadians rely on natural gas for heat and power. 

Prior to his appointment Tim was the President of High Park Group (HPG), a public affairs consulting firm.

Mr. Egan serves as Canada’s representative at the International Gas Union, sitting on the Executive Committee and as the Regional Coordinator for North America.

Mr. Egan is a publisher of the Energy Regulation Quarterly, and editor of the magazine Energy.

He has an undergraduate degree in history from the University of Ottawa, and common and civil law degrees from McGill University. He was call to the Ontario bar in 1995.

It was a long form discussion as we sat down for a smooth cup of rose bros coffee and discussed how natural gas can help flight inflation, reduce C02 emissions, is ethically produced in Canada, and how Canadian Federal tax revenues are enjoyed by all Canadians. 


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