#104: Craig Fuller (FreightWaves) - Why Global Supply Chain is Pointing to Dark Clouds Over the Economy



Greetings, and welcome back to the rose bros podcast.   

This episode we are joined by Craig Fuller - CEO and Founder of FreightWaves - the largest provider of proprietary high frequency data & market intelligence to the global supply chain industry (think Bloomberg for finance). 

Data on the movement of goods across the world (air, ocean, rail, truck) allows customers to understand the state of physical goods in the economy and manage their business operations more effectively. 

FreightWaves provides supply chain data on about 85% of the physical goods in the global economy from Iowa to China - which in turn represents ~40% of the total world economy and trillions of dollars in value. 

As a result, this data is able to provider a good bellwether on the state of the global economy. 

Prior to founding FreightWaves, Fuller was the founder and CEO of TransCard, a fleet payment processor that was sold to US Bank. He also is a trucking industry veteran, having founded and managed the Xpress Direct division of US Xpress Enterprises, the largest provider of on-demand trucking services in North America.

We sat down for a smooth cup of rose bros coffee and discussed how Freight waves helps supply chain business, the current oversupply of goods on the market and the resulting bullwhip effect, why North American supply chains are vulnerable, how supply chain is a good bellwether for the economy and why its pointing to dark clouds now.


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