#169: Rick Grafton (Westgate Energy) - New Companies, Banking Stories & Why the Next 10 Years Will Be Profitable in Energy



Greetings, and welcome back to the podcast.

This episode we are joined by Mr. Rick Grafton - Chairman of Westgate Energy - a startup micro cap energy company focused on the Mannville stack fairway located in East-Central Alberta and West Central Saskatchewan.

Mr. Grafton has over 30 years of investing experience, and has completed over $22 billion of energy investment transactions.

In 1993, Mr. Grafton, co-founded FirstEnergy Capital Corp. in Calgary, Alberta with W.Brett Wilson, Jim Davidson, and N. Murray Edwards.

Mr. Grafton has been a founding shareholder and board member of many leading, high-growth energy companies including Northrock, Amber Energy, Athabasca, Pipestone, Tourmaline and Bellatrix.

Mr.Grafton graduated from the University of British Columbia (1978), with a Bachelor of Commerce in Finance.

Among other things, we discussed starting a new company (Westgate Energy), banking stories & why the next 10 years in energy will be profitable.

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