#170: Paul Colborne (Surge Energy) - The Startech Days, 0.7x Debt & Why Dividends are Good for Investors



Greetings, and welcome back to the podcast.

This episode, we are joined by Mr. Paul Colborne- President & CEO of Surge Energy - a TSX listed energy company with a market cap of ~$1 Billion.

Mr. Colborne founded Startech Energy Ltd., which grew to a 15,000 boepd, publicly traded company. Eight years later in 2001, Startech was acquired by ARC Energy Trust for more than C$500 million. 

From September 2003 to January 2005, Mr. Colborne was the President and CEO of StarPoint Energy Trust, a 36,000 boepd publicly traded energy trust.

From 1996 to May of 2013, was Mr. Colborne was the Founder  and Chief Executive Officer of Crescent Point Energy Ltd Crescent Point Energy, a 140,000 boepd, publicly traded, dividend paying oil and gas company.

He was also been Chairman and/or Director of TriStar Oil & Gas Ltd. , Westfire Energy Ltd., Twin Butte Energy Ltd., Cequence Energy, Seaview Energy Ltd. Breaker Energy, Mission Oil and Gas Inc. Legacy Oil & Gas, New Star Energy, Red River Oil Inc, Rising Star Resources, Priviti Capital, Lex Capital, and JOG Capital.

Mr. Colborne's education includes an undergraduate degree from the University of Calgary in 1986, and a Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Calgary.

Among other things, we discussed the founding and sale of Startech Energy, 0.7x debt to cash flow & why dividends are good for investors.


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