#173: Donovan Bailey (2x Olympic Gold Medalist) - Running 9.61, Growing in Calgary & Reflections on a Sprinting Career



Greetings, & welcome back to the podcast.

This episode we are joined by Mr. Donovan Bailey - two time Olympic Gold Medalist, three time World Champion, and two time World Record holder in sprinting.

Mr.Donovan Bailey once held the world record for the 100 meter sprint, with a recorded a time of 9.84 seconds, becoming the Olympic gold medalist at the 1996 summer Olympic games in Atlanta.

Mr. Donovan Bailey is also the founder and CEO of Bailey Inc - a global brand-related company specializing in real estate investments, brand partnerships, speed and power consulting, business ventures and media broadcasting.

Mr. Donovan Bailey is a commentator for major media outlets such as BBC, CBC and EuroSports on international sporting competitions.

Mr. Donovan Bailey was also named a member of the Order of Ontario, an officer to the Order of Canada,  was honored with a star on Canada's Walk of Fame, and has recently authored a new book titled Undisputed: A Champion's Life.

This episode was recorded at a recent Classroom Champions event organized by Steve Mesler which raised ~$250,000 to provide athlete mentors to classrooms across Western Canada. 

Among other things, we discussed running 9.61, growing in Calgary & reflections on a sprinting career.


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