#175: Greg Robb (Helium Evolution) - The Investment Case for Helium: $600/mcf & Why Demand is Rising



Greetings, & welcome back to the podcast.

This episode we are joined by Mr. Greg Robb - CEO of Helium Evolution - a TSX-V listed  company with a market cap of ~$17 million.

Mr. Robb has worked as a geologist in Western Canada since 1984.

Mr. Robb has broad experience in all facets of the oil and gas industry including exploration and development, acquisitions and dispositions, and reserve valuations. He has held executive level positions in several exploration and production companies and in 2006 founded Salvo Energy Corp.

Mr. Robb has been involved in heavy oil, shallow gas, coal bed methane, deep basin tight gas and conventional oil and gas plays, evaluating over $500 million of acquired assets across his career.

Mr. Robb has a B.A. in economics from the University of Alberta, a B.Sc. in geology from the University of Calgary, and a M.Sc. in geology from the University of Alberta.

Among other things, we discussed the The Investment Case for Helium: $600/mcf & Why Demand is Rising


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