#177: Del Mondor (Aldon Oils/Tribune Capital) - Bootstrapping to 4000 bbls/d, Private Investing & Opportunities in Tech, Movies & Real Estate



Greetings, & welcome back to the podcast.

This episode we are joined by Mr. Del Mondor - CEO of Aldon Oils & Tribune Capital - a private energy company & family investment office receptively.

Aldon Oils produces approximately 4000 bbls/day, and is one of the latest private energy companies in Saskatchewan.

Tribue Capital invests in a broad variety of assets including technology, real estate, farmland & debt.

Mr. Del Mondor was named as the 2024 Saskatchewan Oilman of the year.

Among other things, we discussed bootstrapping to 4000 bbls/d, private investing & opportunities in tech, movies & real estate.


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