#40: Mike Belenkie (Advantage Energy) - Clean Energy, Carbon Credits & Land Trusts



This episode  we are joined by Mike Belenkie - President of Advantage Oil & Gas - a mid sized Canadian energy company with market cap of around $400 million, currently listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. 

Mike is a pretty interesting guy as he was an Olympian at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, where he competed in the sport of rowing for team Canada. 

He is also an engineer, scientist, & entrepreneur having previously founded Modern Resources - a private energy company which achieved commercial success. 

Along with his business and athletic career, his wife and family enjoying skiing in Fernie, where his is also working to create a land trust that aims to set aside thousands of forest acres for future use in the Fernie area. 

We covered a lot of subjects including how carbon credits & carbon capture work, the future of clean energy, setting up a land trust and a lot more! 


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