#43: Don Hladiuk (Astrogeologist) - Rockets, Aliens & the Ethics of Space Debris

This episode we are joined by Don Hladiuk - scientist and professional geologist who has been heard for over 35 years on on the CBC morning show the Calgary EyeOpener as well as seen occasionally on CBC and CTV local TV news.

Don is also an enrichment lecturer for the Road Scholar “Astronomy Above the Arctic Circle” program (Norway) and gives presentations on what’s up in the night sky to various organizations.

Among other things, Don was the President of the Calgary centre of The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC) from 1990-1992 and is a member of the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse Task Force  for Astronomical Society of Canada. 

Don has published photos in Sky News and Spaceflight magazines and shares his photos on Twitter, (@astrogeo), Instagram and YouTube (astrogeol).

Don also volunteers at public astronomical events and even has Asteroid 73704 named after him to acknowledge his contributions in public education.

Don is based out of Calgary, Alberta (Canada) where he lives with his wife and family.

It was a really cool episode as we talked about the ethics of space debris from the Starlink program, reusable rockets, asteroids hitting Earth, Aliens and a lot more.


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