#44: Lou Rosenfeld (Lou's Performance Centre) - From Vietnam to the Ski Business



This episode we are joined by entrepreneur - Lou Rosenfeld (MSc, Engineering) - owner of Lou's Performance Centre.

Lou's provides boot fitting services as well as  high performance ski equipment including  everything from skis, boots and bindings to foot beds, boot lifters and every thing else in between.

In short, Lou’s specializes in adapting ski equipment with the knowledge of Biomechanics and modern pressure/balance measuring tools to properly set up alpine skiers. 

Lou has also published numerous articles and academic papers on everything from the science of boot fitting to avalanche transceivers. 

Lou graduated from the The University of Calgary with a Masters of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering and a specialization in Biomechanics, as well as the Oregon Institute of Technology with Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering.

It was an awesome episode as we talked about Lou's roots in the United States, being a Vietnam era veteran, becoming an entrepreneur in the ski industry, career paths, the science behind boot fitting, race car driving and what you can do to get the best ski setup for the upcoming season.

Enjoy !

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