#45: Mitch Jacobsen (Rviita Energy Tea) - Ideas vs. Execution & Burning the Boats



This episode we are joined by entrepreneur - Mitch Jacobsen - CEO and Founder of Rviita Energy Tea.

After graduating with a degree in petroleum engineering, Mitch spent the first few years of his career in the energy industry.

However, after a close friend's heart attack - part of which was attributed to unhealthy energy drinks - Mitch believed there had to be a better product which supplied energy and was also made of healthy ingredients.

Mitch used his experience in sports combined with a lot of trial and error in the lab to create a low sugar energy tea made to give you a little energy when you need it most, without the crash and unhealthy ingredients.

Fast forward a few years, Rvitta Energy Tea is now sold in 300 stores across Canada with major plans going forward.

Along with co-founders Karly Jacobsen and Robert Wigg, Rviita is soon planning to launch in the USA as well as further expand in Canada. 

It was a cool episode as we talked about the dangers of too much sugar, scaling a business, having an idea vs. execution, burning the boats & going all in, good business books and a lot more!


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