#47: Karen Anderson (Alberta Food Tours) - Entrepreneurship & Creativity in the Food Industry



This episode we are joined by entrepreneur - Karen Anderson - CEO and Founder  of Alberta Food Tours. 

Since 2006, Karen has led  Alberta Food Tours with the idea of serving her customers and community in Calgary, Banff, Canmore and Edmonton - even making international food tours to places like India.
After Covid-19 hit, Karen adapted her business to include digital food tours, packaged honey and her extremely popular "Alberta Cares Box", packed with a selection of Alberta products (including rose bros chocolate) to her business.

Karen is also a food journalist who has written for radio, television, print and new media including CBC Radio, PBS-TV, Apple Magazine, City Palate, Avenue and WestJet magazines. 

She’s a Taste Canada award-winning cookbook author and a writing award winner for Food Artisans of Alberta.

You can follow her personal and travel adventures on Instagram at "Savour It All" and she is currently building a new South Indian cookbook at "Faces Places and Plates" also on Instagram.

It was a cool episode as we talked about being an entrepreneur in the food business, adapting the business during Covid-19, never retiring, building a business sustainably, serving your community,  creativity and a lot more!


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