#48: Mike Toffan (Project Forest) - The Uncommon Centrist, Transparency & Reforestation vs. Industry



This episode, we are joined by Project Forest founder - Mike Toffan!

Mike graduated with a degree in Forest Management from the University of Alberta and has since used his experience as General Manger of Reclamation and Forestry at Tree Time Services to found Project Forest. 

Project Forest is a non-profit reforestation company that has partnered with conservation groups and private landowners to afforest large areas of land. 

Project Forest leverages their strong relationship with silviculture foresters at Tree Time Services to develop site specific plans and utilize the largest privately held seed bank in Alberta to ensure the correct seed species are used to plant trees.

The first partner to sign on to the project was Tidewater Midstream, who in their first year of investment will see 4,000 trees take root within Alberta’s newest forest, removing over 2,100 metric tonnes of C02 and create over 1.2 million pounds of biomass over its lifespan.

It was a great episode and I really like Project Forest  because they actually work with industry and companies like Tidewater Midstream to help give back to reforestation.

You can find them at projectforest.ca for more details and information on how you can support reforestation!

Among other things, we talked about taking centrist view on industry vs. the environmental, being transparent as a non-profit, environmental problems and opportunities, how you can help and a lot more!


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