#53: Mark Becker (Fenway Exploration) - Bootstrapping, Entrepreneurship & Making a Successful Exit



The following is a conversation with Mark Becker. 

Mark was the co-founder of Fenway Exploration - a private energy company that was sold for a 7 figure exit, returning multiples to its shareholders. 

Mark earned his chemical engineering degree from the University of Calgary and worked at a variety of engineering roles before starting Fenway. 

Fenway was also co-founded by Mike Rutherford - another recent guest on the podcast who continues to run Rundle Eco-Services, an interesting company that recycles commercial plastic in the energy industry. 

We talked about how Mark and his partner (Mike Rutherford) bootstrapped their energy company to a multi-mullion dollar exit, the value of relationships in business, green energy opportunities, meeting Chip Wilson (Lululemon fame) as a student and a lot more!

Also, apologies in advance for the abrupt ending to this podcast episode as we had some technical difficulties when recording the show. 


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