#61: Manuel Osborne-Paradis - Retirement, Reflections & What's Next



Hello and welcome to episode #61 of the rose bros podcast.

This episode we are joined by Manuel Osborne-Paradis  for part II of our conversation!

Born in North Vancouver, British Columbia - Manny grew up racing for the Whistler Mountain Ski Club.

His first World Cup podium came in November 2006 at Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada, and his first victory was at the downhill of Kvitfjell in March 2009.

Manny spent 13 seasons on the World Cup Circuit competing in 4 Olympic Games and 6 World Championships with 2 Downhill wins, 1 Super-G win and 11 podium finishes.

Since our last conversation, Manny made the decision to retire from the sport of alpine ski racing to focus on his business career, two young children and wife Lana.

Manny currently lives in Invermere, British Columbia where he enjoys ski touring, golf, mountain biking and a variety of sports.

We sat down for a smooth cup of Rose Bros Coffee and talked about retiring from ski racing, transitioning to the next phase of life, what gives an athletes a competitive edge, reflections on a career in sport, the state of Alpine Canada, future plans and a lot more!

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