#65: Aditya Rao (Kaapi) Self-Learning to Code at 30 & Bootstrapping a Software Business to $1000 MRR



Hello and welcome to episode #65 of the rose bros podcast!

Today we are joined by Aditya Rao, co-founder of Kaapi - a remote team management & productivity software tool that Addy has bootstrapped with his co-founder right from the start. 

After experiencing the pressures and pitfalls of the venture capital backed startup model, Aditya decided he wanted to try a different business approach that allowed him to remain profitable and still have some time for activities outside of business. 

After self-teaching himself to code at the age of 30, Aditya's article on the process went viral on Hacker News this spring, catching the eye of many who envied the process. 

So far, Aditya has managed to achieve his goals as Kaapi continues to grow and remain profitable, all the while leaving him time slowly work on the business as well as other ideas.

Check out Kaapi to learn more about how they can help your remote work needs. 

We sat down for a smooth cup of Rose Bros Coffee and talked about the process of self-learning to code, bootstrapping a software business to profitability, assets that earn while you sleep, the value of the "long term view" and a lot more.

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