#67: Justin Rule (Sparrow Websites) - Personalizing Your Brand, Saying No to Selling the Business & the Importance of an Online Presence



Hello and welcome to episode #67 of the rose bros podcast!

Today we are joined by Justin Rule of Sparrow Websites - a website development agency based out of Columbia, Pennsylvania.

Justin and his team spotted the market opportunity to create website launch kits for entrepreneurs priced between "free" and the more expensive version at large development agencies.

By offering a quick, reliable and lost cost service, Justin and his team have created a product that helps business owners get online while saving them time to work on their business.

Sparrow now does a high six figure revenue, while sill allowing time outside the business for his friends and family.

We sat down for a smooth cup of rose bros coffee  and talked about starting a web development agency, the value in personalizing your brand, saying no to selling the business, the importance of an online presence and a lot more!

Also, apologies for the scratchy audio at times, but the internet connection was lousy.


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