#73: Johno McBride (Olympic + World Cup Coach) - A Glimpse Into American Ski Racing Success



Hello and welcome to episode #73 of the rose bros podcast!

This episode we are joined by Olympic & World Cup Ski Racing coach- Johno McBride.

Johno is perhaps best known for his time as Bode Miller’s coach during his 2002 Olympic medal performance and 2005/2008 overall World Cup victories.

During the period, Johno also coached Daron Rahlves to 12x World Cup wins.

In addition, Johno has coached the Canadian National Ski Team, Paralympic athletes and has coached at different levels all the way down to the club, where is currently coaching at the Aspen Valley Ski Club today.

Originally from Aspen Colorado, Johno grew up skiing, playing hockey and enjoying the outdoors.

We sat down for a smooth cup of rose bros coffee and discussed what it takes to win, the importance of team, the difference between US and Canadian ski racing programs, earning respect, dealing with egos, bad advice and a lot more.


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  • Great insight from Johno on team dynamics, mental skills, mutual respect among our team and more. He brought out the best in me and our crew.
    Great questions and flow with your interview. Thanks for having him on.

    Daron Rahlves

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