#81: Eco-Capitalism Series - Cory Dosdall (Ascend EcoTech) - A 1.4 Trillion Litre Problem & 100% Reusable Water


This episode we are joined by Cory Dosdall, President of Ascend EcoTech, for another edition of the Rundle Eco-Capitalism Podcast Series, where the idea is to explore companies giving back to the environment while also making a profit.

Ascend EcoTech is a wastewater cleaning and purifying business that provides sustainable chemistry solutions to water used in pulp & paper, oil & gas, agriculture and mining industries.

The goal of Ascend is to allow companies to be able to reuse all water 100% instead of having to constantly use fresh water in their day to day operations.

Instead of using synthetic chemicals to purify water, Ascend has created a natural mixture that is environmentally friendly.

We sat down for a smooth cup of rose bros coffee and discussed the problem of contaminated water used in industry, how water purification technology is improving , the challenges of using fresh water in industry, giving back to the environment while making a profit and a lot more.


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