#82: Eco-Capitalism Series - Jamie Bakos (Titan Clean Energy Projects) - The Carbon Cycle, a $200 Billion Industry & How to Make a Profit From It



This episode we are joined by Jamie Bakos,  President of Titan Clean Energy Projects, for another edition of the Rundle Eco-Capitalism Podcast Series, where the idea is to explore companies giving back to the environment while also making a profit.

Titan collects & repurposes waste products such as wood waste and agricultural residue (think flax or hemp) and  converts the material into pure carbon for future use in products like soil additives, animal feed and water and purification process's.

Instead of burning carbon trapped in waste products, Titan is able to prevent additional carbon from being released into the atmosphere.

In addition, Titan has recently developed a use for the activated carbon in new plastic products, and has been generating revenue from selling carbon credits as well.

We sat down for a smooth cup of rose bros coffee and discussed the carbon cycle and how new products can be made from waste products, the $200 billion carbon credit market, finding product market fit, the $5 billion carbon extraction industry and a lot more.

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