#83: Rick Koshman (BluMaple Capital) - Making a Return on Low Carbon Investments, Emerging Technologies, Shareholder Alignment & Funding Gaps in the Marketplace



This episode we are joined by Rick Koshman, founder & managing director of BluMaple Capital, for another edition of the Rundle Eco-Capitalism Podcast Series, where the idea is to explore companies giving back to the environment while also making a profit.

BluMaple is an investment fund currently in the process of raising $350-$500 million to solve the funding gap that exists between small and large entities focused on low-carbon business models.

Examples of companies that BluMaple is currently targeting include plastic recycling, solar & geothermal energy, bio-fuels, lithium & hydrogen technologies.

BluMaple aims to leverage its investment capital and owner/operator experience to help companies grow to their next stage, while also providing shareholders of BluMaple a profitable rate of return in exchange.

You can learn more about what BluMaple is up to at: https://blumaplecapital.com/

We sat down for a smooth cup of rose bros coffee and discussed Making a Return in Low Carbon Investments, Emerging Technologies, Shareholder Alignment, Funding Gaps in the Marketplace and a lot more.


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