#87: Jamie Murray (Murray Wealth Group) - The Importance of Building Financial Acumen, the Psychology of Investing & Where Interest Rates are Going



Welcome back to the rose bros podcast!

This episode we are joined by Jamie Murray, head research and portfolio manager at the Murray Wealth Group.

The Murray Wealth Group has grown from $70,000,000 under management to $250,000,000, and focuses on delivering high performance/low fee investment management to Canadian clients.

 MWG offers two different investment products including the Income Growth Fund - a long only portfolio consists of ~35 income oriented securities, and the Global Equity Growth Fund – a portfolio consisting of ~40 stocks, the majority of which are best-in-class global companies.

You can also find Jamie regularly commenting on BNN Market Call,  where he provides opinions on investing and the markets in general.

We sat down for a smooth cup of rose bros coffee and discussed the importance of building financial acumen, the psychology of investing, where interest rates are going, & why optimism is important in investing.  

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