#89: Danielle Smith - Making a Comeback, Crypto, Saving for a Rainy Day & the Future of Alberta



Welcome  back to the rose bros podcast!

This episode we are joined by Danielle Smith.

Danielle Smith is a politician, journalist, business owner, podcast host & former leader of the Wild Rose Party from October 2009 to December 17, 2014.

As leader of the Wild Rose Party, Danielle was instrumental in the parties growth as one that lacked official party status, to one that formed the official opposition within three years.

Prior to being elected leader of the Wildrose Party, Danielle was the director of provincial affairs for Alberta with the Canadian Federation of Independent Business.

Danielle attended the University of Calgary and earned a Bachelor of Arts in English & Economics. 

She married her husband, David Moretta in 2006 and together they own and operate The Whistle Stop Diner, a fully renovated 1940s rail dining car.

Danielle has also re-launched the The Danielle Smith Show on Western Standard Online, as she seeks the United Conservative Party (UCP) nomination in Livingstone-Macleod against incumbent MLA Roger Reid.

We sat down for a smooth cup of rose bros coffee and among many things, discussed making a comeback in politics, the future of Alberta’s economy including crypto & carbon capture, saying yes to business and attracting new investment, saving for a rainy day and a lot more.

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