#99: Steve Larke (Topaz Energy) - Capital Discipline vs. Wildcatting, Respecting the Balance Sheet & Why We Need All Forms of Energy



Hello & welcome back to the rose bros podcast.

This episode, we are joined by Steve Larke – Corporate Director at Topaz Energy, Vermilion Energy Inc. & Headwater Exploration Inc. 

Mr. Larke's previous roles include Operating Partner and Advisory Board member with Azimuth Capital Management Inc., Managing Director and Executive Committee member with Calgary-based Peters & Co. from 2005 to 2015, and prior thereto, was Vice-President and Director with TD Newcrest from 1997 to 2005. 

Mr. Larke has a Bachelor of Commerce degree (with distinction) from the University of Calgary and has earned the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and Institute of Corporate Directors (ICD.D) designations.

It was a long form discussion as we sat down for a smooth cup of rose bros coffee and discussed why we need all forms of energy, Capital discipline vs. Wildcatting, de-stabilizing the energy grid, respecting the balance sheet & metaphorical balloons. 


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  • A superb presentation. SL’s experience, knowledge and humility are truly valuable for me as an energy industry investor. One minor caveat: Germany cut itself off from “Vlad’s” energy. Or maybe it’s better said: Germany’s leaders sacrificed Germany’s sovereignty by subordinating German national interests to US foreign policy. Now German industry is heading off to China and the US.


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