Episode #9: Brady Leman - Olympic Gold & Russian Doping

This time we are joined by Brady Leman - Olympic Gold Medalist and Member of the Canadian National Ski Cross Team.

Brady was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta and grew up ski racing- but later switched to the sport of ski cross after he spotted an opportunity in an emerging sport. 

This bet has paid off for Brady, as he has become one of the leading ski cross athletes in the world and one of Canada's best skier's in general. 
A brief list of Brady's ski cross accomplishments are as follows: 

1) Gold Medal in the 2018 Olympic Games (Pyongyang )
2) Silver Medal at the 2019 World Championships (Utah) 
3) Gold Medal at the 2016 X-Games (Aspen) 
4) Bronze Medal at the 2010 X-Games (Aspen) 

Among other things in this episode, we talked about the experience of winning an Olympic gold medal, the process of training for competition and the reality of doping in sport (especially from countries like Russia). 

You'll definitely want to hit the slopes after you listen to Brady's story so I hope you enjoy the episode!

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