#75: Cam Proctor (PrairieSky Royalty) - A Recovering Canadian Energy Industry, Effective Capital Management & Why It Matters



Happy Holidays!

Welcome back to the rose bros podcast.

This episode we are joined by Cam Proctor - COO of PrairieSky Royalty, a multi-billion dollar energy royalty company for part III of our ongoing conversation.

A lawyer by training, Cam completed his undergrad and law school degrees at the University of Victoria and University of Calgary respectively.

Prior to joining PrairieSky in 2014, Cam was the Executive Vice-President and Chief Legal Officer of Sinopec Canada, and Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary of Daylight Energy Ltd.

Before Daylight and Sinopec, Cam was a barrister and solicitor at Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP, specializing in corporate securities & mergers/acquisition law.

Aside from PrairieSky, Cam is an avid outdoorsman, enjoys spending time with his family, giving back to the community and is a great guy in general.

We sat down for a smooth cup of rose bros coffee and discussed the recovering Canadian energy industry, effective capital allocation & why its important, the realities of a transitioning power grid, Berkshire Hathaway and a lot more.


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