#126: Michael Lobsinger (Eco-Flex Rubber Solutions) - 100,000,000 Recycled Tires & How it Benefits the Canadian Economy



Greetings & welcome back to the rose bros podcast.

This episode we are joined by Mike Lobsinger - Vice President of Eco-Flex Recycled Rubber Solutions.

Eco-Flex manufactures products made from 100% recycled rubber for commercial, industrial, residential and agricultural applications.

Eco-Flecx employs ~30 people,  out of a 35,000 square-foot plant in Alberta where it recycles ~6 million tires a year and in its 30 year lifespan - has recycled approximately 100,000,000 tires.

Eco-Flex recently hit ~$10,000,000 in revenues & opened a new plant in Texas, USA.

Among other things, we sat down and discussed running a profitable green business, recycling 100M tires, sourcing assets from NASA & how recycling tires is good for the Alberta & the Canadian economy.


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