Episode #10: Kelsey Serwa - How to Stay Positive in Stressful Times


This episode we are joined by Kelsey Serwa Rey! 
Kelsey is a former member of the Canadian Ski Cross Team, 2018 Olympic Champion, 2014 Olympic Silver Medalist, World Champion, National Champion, and 2 time X-Games Gold Medalist.

Kelsey started skiing as soon as she could walk,  and with the influence of people like her Grandpa - Cliff Serwa (Co-founder of the Big White Ski Resort) - it was inevitable that Kelsey would lead a life greatly influenced by skiing. 

From the age of six, Kelsey progressed in the Alpine Ski Racing world and in 2008, was named to the Women’s National Development Team for Canada.

In 2009, Kelsey transitioned to the sport of Ski Cross, instantaneously making a name for herself- earning the prestigious “FIS Rookie of the Year” award while making the Canadian National Ski Cross Team. 

From there, her results speak for themselves. 

In this episode, we talked about staying positive in stressful times, trusting yourself, funding for Canadian amateur sport and a lot more!

There is a bit of clicking in this episode because we recorded it on Skype, so apologies for the sound quality in advance. 

Kelsey's lessons in using positive thinking in your daily life, are something that really ring true given all of the negativity these days with the Coronavirus. 


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