Episode #12: Grumans Deli - Peter Fraiberg (Jewish Delis, the Restaurant Industry & Lessons Learned)



This episode we are joined by Peter Fraiberg - Owner of Grumans Delicatessen, a "mostly traditional " Jewish deli located in Calgary, Alberta. 

Grumans has been serving the Calgary area delicious Jewish-inspired deli food since 2005. 

Started by Peter Fraiberg, and named after his mother’s side of the family, he is now joined by his sister Gail at their new location in Britannia. 

Grumans is a true deli featuring lots of take-out foods such as knishes, latkes, verenikes, Montreal smoked meat, assorted soups, slow oven roasted beef brisket, cabbage rolls and much more.

It was an interesting episode as we talked about the history of Jewish Delis/Cuisine, the restaurant industry and lessons learned as Peter built not one, but two successful restaurant business' along the way! 


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