Episode #16: Mike Rutherford (Rundle Eco Services) - Recycling Plastic & Making a Profit



This episode we are joined by Mike Rutherford - President & co-founder of Rundle Eco Services, a company focused on Eco Capitalism and Environmental Social Governance, or "ESG" for short. 

Founded in late 2017, Rundle collects and recycles large volumes of post-industrial plastic used in the oil and gas industry. 

Since inception, Rundle has been on over 150 locations throughout Western Canada,  and have successfully recycled close 1 million pounds of 100% harvested plastic, thus saving it from the landfill.

Mike is a native Nova Scotian who is a veteran in the oil and gas business with almost 40 years of experience. 

Mike's unconventional career started with a large multi-national oil company, before he moved on to a Canadian independent gaining a variety of experience in administration and analytics. 

He then made the switch to the oil and gas service side as a partner in Nusco Manufacturing & Supply, and was a co-founder of Titan Drilling and Fenway Exploration Ltd. 

He’s an experienced private equity executive with a hands-on approach, and a skill set ranging from the board room to the field.

It was a great episode as we talked about the origins of Rundle, recycling plastic and actually making a profit, Environmental Social Governance (ESG) and a lot more! 


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