Episode #18: Kevin Rose (Rose Eco Projects) - Milk Jug Gold & Adventures in Plastic



This episode we are joined by Kevin Rose- President of Rose Eco Projects- a company that connects buyers and sellers of used plastic products. 

When companies are looking to dispose of plastics such as a damaged car bumper, Rose Eco-Projects connects these companies to buyers who can then use this plastic for new manufacturing purposes. 

In simple terms, think of taking an old car bumper and melting it down, to be used in the creation of your next Tupperware container. 

This prevents manufactures from having to use brand new, or "virgin" plastic in their production process, and helps save planet from unnecessary plastic consumption. 

Rose Eco-Projects is off to a great start and is looking to grow further, as the world continues to use more and more plastic. 

It was a great episode as we talked about the value of certain types of recycled plastics (such as milk jugs), the plastic recycling industry and the politics of supporting green initiatives and a lot more!


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