Episode #19: Ryan & Ray (Local Box) - Community Health & Calgary Products



This episode we are joined by Ryan Morstad and Ray Shivji - Co founders of Local Box - a company that collects products made in Calgary and packages them into a single box for customers to purchase.

 In simple terms, it is a box filled with high quality "made in Calgary" products, started after COVID-19 forced everyone inside, and only essential services continued to operate. 

Ryan & Ray knew that bigger companies would recover after COVID-19, but smaller companies that count on foot traffic, word of mouth and sales would ultimately suffer- hence the Local Box was created as a way to support small Calgary business' during this time. 

Also, Local Box contributes a large portion of their profits to the Alex Community Health Center- a housing and foods program that supports vulnerable people with issues such as poverty, trauma, homelessness and addiction.

We talked about the origins of Local Box, backwards government EI programs, good business books/podcasts the future of Local Box and a lore more! 


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