Episode #20: Jim Cormack (EnerNext) - Sustainability & the Bottom Line



This episode we are joined by Jim Cormack - advisor at EnerNext - a boutique legal and advisory platform focused on energy, cleantech and sustainability in Calgary, Alberta Canada. 

EnerNext has extensive experience in oil & gas, conventional and alternative energy, cleantech, climate change and emissions trading; as well as corporate, securities, commercial, aboriginal and construction law, environmental compliance, liability and risk management and strategic planning. 

Along with his colleagues, Jim contributes nearly 30 years of energy industry experience to help clients find solutions to Environment, Sustainability Governance (ESG) issues to help them improve their business. 

From tasks such as regulatory filing to well abandonment cleanup - Jim provides numerous services that are beneficial to modern day companies looking to help the environment while still making a profit! 

It was a cool episode as we talked about ESG stereotypes, critiques of ESG and how it is good for the bottom line (making a profit). 


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