Episode #23: Michal Lavi (Sidewalk Citizen) - Artisan Baking & Cultural Dinner Salons



This episode we are joined Michal Lavi, co-owner of the Sidewalk Citizen, which she founded with her husband - Aviv Fried. 

We sat down for an in-person conversation at the Sidewalk Citizen "Simmons" location in the East Village of Calgary.

From delivering bread on bicycle, and a one-person operation, the Sidewalk Citizen has slowly grown and is now located in the East Village where it employs 40 people, who makes fresh pastries and bread from scratch with local ingredients. 

The bakery has been featured in numerous articles in local, national and international publications.

Born in Israel, Michal graduated with a Geology degree and a minor in Applied Mathematics from the University of Calgary. 

After working for several years as a geologist she quit her job to pursue her passion of opening the Sidewalk Citizen. 

She manages the bakery with her husband Aviv, and develops the bakery’s connection and support of Calgary’s arts community, and curates their intellectual Salon series.

It was a cool episode as we talked about the origins of Sidewalk Citizen, artisan baking, cultural influences and a lore more!

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