Episode #28: E-Commerce Talk: How Ryan Grant Makes $5 Million a Year Selling on Amazon



This episode we are joined by Ryan Grant- e-commerce entrepreneur and founder of the onlinesellingexperiment.com where he teaches courses on how to begin selling online and build a e-commerce business. 

Ryan's own e-commerce business employs ~10 people and makes well into six figures based on ~ $5 million 2019 Amazon revenue alone. 

Originally an accountant - Ryan decided accounting wasn’t for him and quit his job in 2013 to launch his own e-commerce business(retail/online arbitrage, wholesale, private label).   

Since then, he hasn't looked back and has steadily grown his business every year. 

Ryan has been featured in many articles including the CNBC "Make It" series, and currently resides in Minnesota with his fiance and dog!

Among other things, we talked about e-commerce strategies, the future of Amazon and how Ryan quit his job to start his entrepreneurial career. 


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