Episode #29: Monster Rally (Ted Feighan) - Following Your Own Creative Path



This episode we are joined by musician and entrepreneur Ted Feighan - founder of Monster Rally - a super popular electronic music name that has accumulated millions of streams around the world!

Monster Rally is the creation of Cleveland native Ted Feighan.

Sample-based tropical pop, Monster Rally began with the goal of assembling a bunch of old records into a completely different beast. 

Ted began crafting tracks from his collection of records, combining his interests in Hip-hop, Exotica, Tropicalia, and Soul. 

Monster Rally creates tracks that manage to maintain a surprisingly organic sound, as if they were recorded by a full band on analog tape. 

Monster Rally & Ted will make you feel like your on vacation in Hawaii/Mexico or on an exotic adventure somewhere -  so I highly recommend you check them out!

It was a great episode as we talked about the inspirations behind Ted's Music, staying true to your own creative voice, the modern music industry and even Ted's other e-commerce venture - valleycruisepress.com!

Also it was a special episode as Ted was gracious enough to allow one of my favorite songs to be used for the intro/outro!


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