Episode #30: Phil & Sebastien Coffee (Phil Robertson) - An Engineer's Journey In Coffee



This episode we are joined by Phil Robertson: co-founder of the Phil & Sebastien Coffee Company.

Inspired by David Schomer’s Espresso Coffee: Professional Techniques, Phil & Sebastien started their company in late 2007 after they began to realize their engineering jobs no longer left them fulfilled. 

Combining inspirational trips to Seattle, trial and error, brain storming sessions and a coffee apprenticeship, Phil & Sebastien had a name and were off the races. 

After getting their start in Calgary's Farmer's market, they haven't looked back and have steadily added cafe's and doughnuts (Hoopla Doughnuts) to their business ever since.

Covid-19 has proved to be tough for Phil & Sebastien, but the company is positioned to come back even stronger from recent events than ever before. 

It was a wide ranging conversation, as we talked about engineering the best possible coffee, making the world better through business, the silver lining of Covid-19 and "future Phil's" advice to himself now.

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