Episode #31: Koho Financial (Dan Eberhard) - Tech in Canada & Taking On Big Banks



 This episode we are joined by Dan Eberhard - Founder & CEO of  Koho Financial.

Koho is a new banking alternative rooted in the belief that a better banking experience exists for customers that offers lower fees than traditional banks. 

Koho has partnered with companies like Visa and Peoples Trust to bring a secure product that can be used worldwide, and is backed by established investors like the Power Group and Drive Capital. 

So far, Koho has raised approximately $60M, has ~ 250,000 users, employ's ~100 people and shows no signs of slowing down! 

Dan was also a co-founder of Kineticor Renewable which facilitated the development of a 20Mw Wind Energy Plant, up to point of construction and was acquired by Algonquin Power (AQN:TSX) in 2011. 

Among other things we talked about raising venture capital in Canada, attracting tech talent, large companies and a false sense of job security, and the importance of zooming out for stress management!

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