Episode #32: Fahr Beer (Jochen Fahr) - PhD’s, Sustainable Brewing & Being an Outlier



This episode I sat down to hear the cool story behind Fahr Beer!

Founded in Turner Valley, Alberta by Jochen Fahr - Fahr Beer was built on the idea of being as different as possible from most traditional breweries. 

For example, Jochen deliberately chose to build the brewery outside the city of Calgary, while following the strict German Purity laws when brewing his beer. 

Making the story even more interesting is that Jochen has made it his goal to build as many sustainable practices into the business as he could. 

Using filtered water to help grow grass for reclamation projects, giving old grain husks to local cows and and using recycled Nitrogen are just a few of the cool projects done so far!

We talked about a lot of things in this episode including Jochen's path from getting a PhD in Biomedical Engineering to starting a brewery, sustainable brewing practices, being different, treating employees right and removing gimmicks from your business!


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