Episode #33: (Tyler Hamilton & Pete Hock) - Elite Cycling, the Truth & Life Afterwards



This week we are joined by 8x Tour de France rider - Tyler Hamilton and his co-host in the Adventure Audio podcast - Pete Hock!

Tyler had a long and successful cycling career including eight Tour de France appearances, many of which he was a key asset for Lance Armstrong.

Among Tyler's many other accomplishments, he also competed in two Olympic Summer Games, winning gold in the 2004 Olympics in Athens. 

Things changed a bit for Tyler once doping allegations became real, but his past cycling performances are impossible to argue. 

Calgary based Pete Hock pursues his own business interests, and he and Tyler now co-host the Adventure Audio Podcast which you can find on most streaming platforms. 

We talked about Tyler's ski racing origins, transition to professional cycling, career ups and downs, doping in sport, life post-cycling, and Pete & Tyler's new podcast !


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