Episode #4: Hopkins Harvest (How to Get Happy Customers & Hard Work)

Today on the rose bros podcast we are joined by Kerstan Hopkins and her partner Matt Larsen- owners of Hopkins Harvest & The Hot Spot- a farm to table market and wood fired pizza oven located in Windermere, British Colombia.

Started in 1995 by Kerstan's father - Fred Hopkins- who having grown tired of the local supermarket selection of lousy produce brought up from the US and Mexico,  spotted a market opportunity to bring in fresh produce from the Okanagan Valley to sell in the Colombia Valley.

The market began with humble beginnings, but business grew slowly and the market moved into steadily larger spaces until it current location now, located just off of Highway 95 outside of Windermere. 

In 2014, Hopkins Harvest added a wood fired pizza oven making some of the best pizza in the Colombia Valley. 

Sadly however, Fred Hopkins passed away in 2017, but his daughter - Kerstan, and partner Matt have continued on the business. 

In 2019  revenues reached just under $2 million dollars with Kerstan and Matt continuously thinking of new and exciting products to add.

Kerstan, Matt and I talked about the challenges of running a business in a seasonal town, the importance of hard work, and the fulfillment of customers enjoying their high quality products.

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