#84: Guy Spier (Aquamarine Capital) - The Power of Authenticity, Playing 100% in Center Court, Structuring Your Environment & Lessons From Warren Buffett



Welcome back to the rose bros podcast!

This episode we are joined by Guy Spier - managing director of Aquamarine Capital.

Aquamarine Capital is an investment fund whose philosophy was inspired by the original 1950’s Warren Buffett partnerships to provide shareholder returns.

Aquamarine began in 1997 with capital from fiends and family, and has grown to approximately 150 clients with $350 million under management.

Guy is also known for his winning bid of $650,0000 with Mohnish Pabrai to have lunch with Warren Buffett in 2008, and is also the best selling author of The Education of a Value Investor - a novel that tells the story of Guy's personal development as he emulates Warren Buffett in all aspects of life.

We sat down for a smooth cup of rose bros coffee and discussed the power of being authentic, playing 100% in center court, the value of structuring your environment, checking your flanks and, lessons from Warren Buffett.

Also, apologies in advance for the abrupt end to the conversation, we had some technical difficulties, but you can find the full conversation on YouTube under the rose bros podcast.


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