#115: Josh Young (Bison Interests) - 100% Returns, Value Traps & Why Profits Are Made on the Buy



Greetings & welcome back to the rose bros podcast.

This episode we are joined by Josh Young – Chief Investment Officer & Founder of Bison Interests – a Houston based investment firm that focuses on the energy industry. 

Since inception, Bison Interests has returned ~130% to its clients as it actively invests in publicly traded equities. 

Josh has built his career concentrating on deep value opportunities for investors. He has over 15 years of experience in investment management, 10 of which were focused on publicly-traded oil and gas securities. 

Josh became Chairman of the Board of RMP Energy in 2017. After refreshing the board and management team and rebranding the company (Iron Bridge Resources), it was bought out at a 78% premium in 2018. Josh is the author of numerous articles on oil & gas investments and the guest speaker at various energy industry conferences. 

He graduated with honors from the University of Chicago in economics. 

Josh was a management consultant to Fortune 500 companies and private equity firms, and then an investment analyst at a private equity fund. Josh worked as an energy investment analyst for a multi-billion dollar, single family office, which was nominated as Institutional Investor's Single Family Office of the Year in 2008.  

We discussed starting an energy fund, outperforming benchmarks, dividends vs. buybacks, value traps, how to value an energy company, good prices vs. good assets, the dangers of diversification, the outlook for natural gas & the relevance of OPEC.


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