#97: Neil Roszell (Headwater Exploration) - The Art of the Sale, 5 Exits & Why Low Prices Can Be an Opportunity



This episode we are joined by Neil Roszell, P.Eng., CEO & Chairman of Headwater Exploration - a Canadian publicly traded energy company with a market cap of approximately $1.3 Billion.

Neil is an entrepreneur, and has been a founder/executive member of numerous energy companies including Raging River Exploration Inc., Wild Stream Exploration Inc., Wild River Resources Ltd., Eagle Rock Exploration Ltd., Prairie Schooner Petroleum & Great Northern Exploration Ltd.

Along with his team, Neil has created billions of dollars in shareholder value, and has been a mentor to many others working in the energy industry. 

Neil graduated from the University of Regina with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Industrial Systems Engineering, and is also a Professional Engineer(P.Eng.) designation holder. 

We sat down for a smooth cup of rose bros coffee, and discussed the art of selling a company, the process behind 5 successful exits, the value of avoiding debt, 50x returns & why low prices can be an opportunity. 

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