#135: Peter Vinall (Sustane Technologies) - 200 Tonnes of Garbage, Circular Waste Solutions & How There’s Financial Opportunity



Greetings & welcome back to the rose bros podcast.

This episode we are joined by Peter Vinall - Co-founder/CEO of Sustane Technologies Inc. - a Canadian-based cleantech innovator, focused on municipal waste transformation.

Sustane’s newly developed technologies allows diversion of the waste that would otherwise have ended up in a landfill.

At Sustane's first commercial plant, at Chester, Nova Scotia, the company is able to upcycle, recycle and transform almost 90% of that material to create a wide spectrum of commercial products, from highly-pure biomass pellets for energy production to synthetic diesel derived from plastics.

Peter is the former CEO of Cellulose Partners Inc., Fortress Specialty Cellulose, Sateri International, Aditya Birla/Tembec Canada & Board of Directors of the Nova Scotia Innovation Hub.

Peter also has a B.S.c, Eng from Monash University & an MBA from Tulane University.

Among other things, we sat down and discussed how Sustane recycles 200 tonnes of garbage a day, carbon pricing & how the company generates a profit.


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