#101: Rafi Tahmazian (Canoe Financial) - Why the Energy Industry Is a Broken Bank Machine Spitting Out Cash



Greetings & welcome back to the rose bros podcast.

This episode, we are joined by Rafi Tahmazian - senior portfolio manager & director at Canoe Financial - a Canadian independent investment management firm with approximately $14 Billion under management. 

Prior to Canoe, Rafi spent 13 years at First Energy Capital, a leading investment dealer that focused on the energy industry.

He left the firm in 2008 as Vice Chairman and Managing Director, and has held numerous public and private, charity and government Board positions.

He is currently on the board of directors for Artis Exploration Ltd, Aureus Energy Services Inc., Well Ventures Corp, Chance Oil and Gas Ltd., and Alberta Teachers Retirement Fund.

Mr. Tahmazian holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from the University of Calgary.

We sat down for a smooth cup of rose bros coffee and among other things discussed why energy is a catalyst for life and death, record breaking Federal & Provincial tax revenues, the problem with top town governments, separating good energy investments from the best, and why today’s energy industry is akin to a broken bank machine spitting out cash. 



  • Great interview with RT – as a FF Bull, I agree completely but am further encouraged by his deeper insights and even greater conviction. It’s mind-blowingly ironic to feel SO sanguine about investing in a sector that’s been SO out of favour and volatile and misunderstood by most of the market AND the developed world beyond.

    Jonathan Allen
  • Thanks for your continued input

    Les Cannam

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