#91: Rob Zakresky (Coelacanth Energy) - 6 Exits, Energy Entrepreneurship & Why to Avoid Stupidity



This episode we are joined by Rob Zakresky, CEO of Coelacanth Energy.

Coelacanth Energy (SEE-luh-kanth), is a pure-play Montney growth company with a land base of ~100,000 acres located in the Two Rivers area of northeastern British Columbia.

The company plans to expand production from ~400 to 25,000boe/d over the next 4 years, and began trading on the TSXV on June 20, 2022.

Coelacanth is Rob’s 7th energy company after his last company, Leucrotta Exploration sold to Vermilion Energy for approximately $500,000,000. 

Rob also graduated from the University of Alberta, and trained as an accountant before beginning his entrepreneurial career in the energy industry.

We sat down for a smooth cup of rose bros coffee and discussed avoiding dumb things in business, operating through all energy cycles, starting another energy company, energy security, & why there’s still opportunity in Western Canadian Energy. 

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