1000 Trees !

rose bros coffee recently sold it 1000th bag of coffee since committing to plant one tree for every coffee bag sold through our partnership with One Tree Planted.

The question you might wonder is why is rose bros coffee planting trees?

You might be saying to yourself, who cares about planting trees.

Or you might say that donating $1 towards planting a tree must cut into your margins and undermine your business.

All are reasonable thoughts to have when looking at the program from the outside.

In reality, planting trees is a relatively inexpensive endeavour, and when done through our partnership with One Tree Planted, leaves the planet a little better off.

Currently, the Earth faces challenges like never before from deforestation due to wildfires and unsustainable logging practices.

As a result, planting trees in our mind is a quantifiable way of giving back to the environment that allows us to track our contribution and see the results “grow”.

For $1, we can help One Tree Planted reforest areas of the Earth that need a little extra help from humans.

This leaves rose bros coffee with a healthy business, while at the same time leaving the planet a little healthier as well.

For 2018 we directed our donation to the areas devastated by the 2018 forest fires in British Columbia, Canada.

This close to home project seemed fitting as we continually deal with smoke and forest fires more and more during the summer months.

For a little more info on how a tree is planted for $1, check out this cool image below! Also, theres a cool pic of some tree planting in action.

Any comments let us know!

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