A few books & articles written by the rose bro - James. 



Chung Piece:


"..It’s been a few months since I saddled up, hauled ass out of Aspen. Considering the state of the world, and I where now find myself, no harm in going back to my daily ritual of journaling. Lots has happened since my narrow escape from the Roaring Fork Valley. I ended up driving as far south as Big Bend on the Texas-Mexico border. Ruminating over my forced departure among the Chisos Mountains, Texas madrone and Arizona cypress. Waking each morning to the song of Santa Elena canyon wren. I camped for weeks on the banks of the Rio Grande; going into Terlingua whenever necessary to buy food, water, life’s essentials..."

Boo Hoff


Boo Hoff is a collection of three unique novellas:

Fastest Course in the West is the story of a man’s quest to run the California International Marathon in hopes of qualifying for the oldest and most prestigious road racing event: the Boston Marathon. It showcases the physical and mental agony and also the ecstasy of running with purpose 26.2 miles.

Six and Sunny tells of the adventures of Chuck Bailey, a young, workaholic management consultant. Bailey grows tired of living his life out of a suitcase and decides to leave it all behind to work as a lift operator at a small Canadian ski resort. Just as Bailey starts to settle into his new lifestyle, an unexpected visit from an ex-girlfriend changes everything.

Boo Hoff tells the story of Layla, a resourceful young woman in search of self. Layla attends the SoCal youth rite of passage that is the annual Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival with mixed horror and pleasure. It is about finding one’s inner compass and the recovery of innocence.