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“I had a friend visiting me and I wanted to impress him with my new purchase of medium roast whole bean Colombian coffee. His first question was about the price. Yes it is a bit pricey but it is worth the money. My friend is well travelled in tropical countries and tasted different brands of coffee so I trust him to be kind of connoisseur. Next day we had a phone conversation and as parting words he told me this: “buddy, after tasting yours, my coffee tastes like p..s.” Yeah, my friend used that kind of language but what praise would be better than his?


“This is one of the best coffees I’ve ever used for espresso. It’s well rounded with no bitter taste and makes beautiful crema due to the freshness of the beans (could see on package that coffee was recently roasted). I’ve already ordered my next bag! Keep up the great work small business!

– Greig Helmer

“Awesome coffee. Great taste. Will definitely buy again. Love the Guatemalan flavour that’s hard to find elsewhere.”

– Amanda

“I drink my coffee black and its never strong enough. But your coffee is the best one so far #1+++++”

– Marcel Gauthier

“Great dark roast beans that make a fine cup of coffee, thanks!”

– Kevin Rose 

“A nice, rich flavour, inviting to the senses. Some coffee you will drink because they are “good enough”, but this coffee is a pleasure.”

– Grambo

“I love this coffee! Delicious chocolate scent and taste! I only make one latte a day but it has to be perfect and this is the best coffee I’ve found- and I’ve tried many brands in the quest for perfection!

– Invermere Coffee Lover

“This roast has a nice smooth and delicate flavour, not very acidic, and the coloir of the beans is appropriate for a light roast. I’m very happy this is available on Amazon and will be re-ordering in the future. Keep doing what you’re doing Rose Bros! I hope your company will have more light roasts in the future that I can brew.”

– Campguy

“Great light roast with a lot of flavour and fresh fruity notes. Love it!” –

Nastasya Vlassenko 

“Very good coffee. I will buy again.”

– Mark S 

“The Guatemala light roast was amazing. Made really nice espresso shots and you can see how light the beans are … just simply amazing. The coffee was roasted 1 month prior to us receiving it, which is still quite awesome, but I was expecting more when I read the other reviews. The fact that the roast date is given is a sign that this is quality coffee.”

– Leadsift 

“I love my morning coffee made w a Siphon coffee maker. I’m open to all types of whole bean coffee and typically buy one and move on but in this case I will be buying it again.”

– Stu 

“Light tasting coffee, very easy to drink and smells nice. Definitely a good staple to have around that will be a good for most.”

– Nick Fowler 

“This is a great coffee, I would definitely buy again, and look forward to trying the other blends. The packaging is also very nice, overall good product!”

– Emily Naper  

“Coffee is fantastic! 10/10 would buy again.”

– Jordan. A